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Bridging the gap between fun and competition

PC GamesWe kept looking at games that were thoroughly popular and found the common denominator to be “simple and fun”. The Real Time Strategy genre has great potential to reach the masses of gamers, but never truly bridged the gap to those who were not complete fans of this particular play style.

At Allied Games, we tried to bridge that gap. We wanted to make a game that everyone would be able to have fun playing regardless of skill level or game style. A lot of the time, you have to sacrifice things to make your game successful. That is one thing we did not want to do. The appeal has to be equal to everyone, whether you are a: casual gamer, hardcore gamer, competitive gamer, etc.

The focus of Shadow Heroes has always been: massive battles. We love watching armies clash with each other, not knowing what the outcome will be until the very last man standing. Just because you believe to have sent the perfect army to deal with your opponent, doesn’t mean it will always play out the same way. The Artificial Intelligence we are implementing, will be able to rationalize and think about the best course of action. They will not just gang up on the first unit that comes into their sight. As units come into range, they are evaluated and prioritized. All units will be working together like a well oiled machine to bring pain and destruction to the enemy.

Unlike the traditional gameplay everyone is used to when hearing the term RTS, we are trying a different approach. Many non-RTS players get overwhelmed by the amount of choices that go into a simple match. Do they focus on gathering resources? Do they focus on building up their army? What about researching technology? These are core elements that regular RTS players are so used to that they no longer think about, it has become instinct to them. As such, they will always have the upper hand if they were to play against someone less versed in the genre. Our approach allows both of them to play on a leveled playing field.

The item system we have come up with is the reason behind that leveled playing field. Our items will be split into two categories, active items and passive items. One unit type in a player’s army has access to 5 slots in which they can equip one type of item during gameplay. A passive item provides a continuous and persistent boost once equipped. On the other hand, an active item provides the unit with a skill, that, when used will provide a bigger boost than its passive counterpart, but will only do so for a short period of time before incurring a short cooldown period. Players will not be forced to “choose” a specific play style, they can mix and match passive and active items at whim.

Trying to cater to everyone is no easy task, but it is something we are very passionate about. We are always on the lookout for comments, input, suggestions, or just plain talking about this project to us. Our goal is to bridge the gap and we will do everything in our power to make sure all gamers are able to enjoy the project we have poured our hearts and souls into. If you would like to know more you can follow our Kickstarter or check out our website Shadow Heroes.

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