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AI creates life

PC GamesIt creates living organisms and ecosystems on the level of complexity, we have here, on Earth. It's an evolution simulator, powered by unique advanced AI, that decodes artificial genome and alters the ways of mutation and genetic recombination, making these organisms evolve fast and complex - hunt, form prides, develop wings and communicational skills. This is HOUND project, and you are in control of it!

From the start you are given godlike powers to create your own world - not only by map editing by also by changing laws of physics and logics - your every action will affect further evolution, providing you with unique gaming experience every time! Uh, and your world is just one of many. And there are doors - cracks in space-time...

You start from scratch, in an empty world. The system doesn't use scripts or presets. Life appears here naturally and accidentally. AI will form dead matter into living creatures and the creatures into a flourishing ecosystem.

You create life - organisms of your design. This way you bring new genetic material to the system. Judging by Earths' history alone it is bad for a closed ecosystem. AI will treat these changes as a threat to the system balance and its' own existence and try to make your species extinct the only way, it knows - by creating fearsome creatures designed to search and destroy yours. That's the games' challenge.

You directly interact with AI, that watches your actions and tries to decode your emotions to replicate them. With time it will become more like you - more passionate, creative - more humane. And just a little better than you in this game. Another great challenge to overcome!
Also you can control it by literally changing levels of obedience, curiosity, anger and satisfaction! For users, who are more into artificial intelligence stuff project is offering a special option, where you can directly edit your neural network.

You do real science! This game is a part of the research, and by playing it, supporting it on crowdfunding or simply sharing the news you help us gather essential data and create a Hive Mind of lots of separate simulations and make overall system evolve faster, bringing our dreams closer!

HOUND is going crowdfunding and needs your help to complete the game and bring you this unique gaming. On the projects' crowdfunding page you can order the game and get more information about it.

This is the end of press release. I'd be very grateful if you could insert the trailer into it. Here are crucial links to the project:

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