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Dragon Blaze Releases Final Wave of Dragon Busters

PC GamesDragon Blaze will be releasing the last two Dragon Busters, Iota and Gaia, as well as introducing a brand new game mode, Tower of Validation, with the latest game update.

With the arrival of Iota and Gaia, players will now have access to all seven Dragon Busters. Requiring ultimate versions of Draco Brightspark, Frydrek the Tenor, and Bliss Foxy the Silver Flash, Gaia is a mage Dragon Buster who excels at dealing heavy AOE damage to his foes. As any Incanter can do, Iota can summon up to three card allies which can attack enemies, as well as buff and heal allies. In order to obtain the Iota buster key, ultimate versions of Ravengale the Kind, Shaman Doll Margaret, and Chaser Tracy are required.

Dragon Buster Gaia
Being the most powerful of all the Dragon Busters, Gaia has been known to appear when the world is on the brink of destruction. He has the ability to mark his targets which deals additional damage, as well as inflict splash damage to surrounding targets with auto-attacks.
∑ Blaster
o Inflicts 867% damage on all enemies and removes all buffs. Attacked targets cannot receive buffs for 7 seconds.
∑ Plasma Cannon
o Attacks one enemy with 2,261% attack and stuns for 12 seconds. Also inflicts 1,396% splash damage to nearby enemies.
∑ Life Outage
o Deals 305% damage plus 45% additional damage for 6 seconds on all enemies. During attack, enemies hit will have HP drained and momentarily be stunned.
Dragon Buster Iota
Iota is a master tactician and commander of the battlefield. Capable of analyzing the enemyís weakness, each basic attack from Iota will decrease the targetís defense rating.
∑ Photon Cannon
o Inflicts 1,661% damage on one enemy and reduces attack speed by 43%. Deals an additional 1,036% splash damage to surrounding targets.
∑ Upgrade
o Iota can summon up to three card allies at an 80% chance every time damage is received. Upgrade will enhance summoned cards with various buffs. Up to five buffs can be placed on summoned cards.
∑ Buster Forge
o Increase all party members attack by 57% and attack speed by 33% for 20 seconds.
Tower of Validation
The new battle mode, Tower of Validation will offer players a challenging experience as they attempt to clear floors of varying difficulties. For each floor cleared, players will be rewarded with a one-time clear bonus reward, which will be sent to the in-game mailbox. Additionally, Tower of Validation is split into two modes. Hero Mode is suitable for Lv. 50 players and above, and Dragon Buster keys will be deactivated. For seasoned veterans, Buster Mode will a much more difficult version and will allow the use of Dragon Buster keys.

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