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TERA – Ninjas from the Shadows!

PC GamesGameforge and developers Bluehole expand the range of available classes in the fantasy MMO TERA, introducing the Ninja with the latest update. The patch also includes new dungeons designed specifically for end-game level 65 players, whilst flying mounts provide players with an entirely new way to explore the world of Arborea. The free update is rounded out by the rebalancing of the existing Mystic and Priest classes. All players who log into the game by 31st May 2016 will also receive a free character slot, plus a permanent ‘Snowdrift’ snow leopard mount.

More information and shots of the Ninjas in action can be found in the class trailer:

Ninjas – You Can't Kill What You Can't See
Armed with deadly oversized shurikens and kitted out with flexible cloth armour, the Ninjas take their place among the ranks of existing classes. As damage dealers, they provide succour to the federation's elins, starting their journeys on Stepstone Island. Ninjas use stealthy manoeuvres such as the Jagged Path and One Thousand Cuts to attack their enemies from the shadows, striking with lightning speed and deadly precision. Fleet of foot, these guardians of the forest use the Shadow Jump to quickly evade their opponents, already planning their next sneak attack whilst briefly withdrawing to a safe distance.

Alongside the newly introduced Ninja class, players can also look forward to a reworking of the existing Mystic and Priest classes. These two supporting roles now inflict much greater damage on boss monsters, and benefit from reduced cooldowns and overhauled skills making it easier for them to assume a combat role without a group to support them.

New Dungeon Challenges for Solo Players and Groups
Three new dungeons for different group sizes are making their entrance into TERA's fantastic world: Celestial Arena, Demokron Factory and Shadow Sanguinary.

The solo-player Celestial Arena presents players with a challenging battle and a thrilling race against time. Players stepping up to the plate here are not restricted by their class, with damage dealers, tanks and healers placed on an equal footing in the dungeon thanks to a special buff. Victory is rewarded with tokens which can be exchanged for glyphs or equipment. Meanwhile the Shadow Sanguinary promises three tricky boss fights for five-player groups, with the Demokron Factory offering 7-player raid groups a series of taxing tests in the form of Vera, Prima, Odon the Crab, and finally Verno. Both of the latter dungeons are available in normal and hard game modes.

Accompanying this triplet of new dungeons, the patch also sees the return of some popular haunts from the past, with Wonderholme and The Abscess both making a reprisal.

Heads Down – Incoming Flying Mounts
After completing a short series of quests, each hero can be rewarded with a flying mount. Once in the air, this mighty steed is free to fly in all directions, gradually using up flying energy in the process. This resource and the flight speed vary between mounts. Once the energy has been used up, the mount will gently return to earth and continue marching on foot, gradually recuperating flight energy. Fully restored, double-tapping the space bar will once again send it soaring into the skies.

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