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Deus Vult! Total War: ARENA Closed Beta Begins

Deus Vult! Total War: ARENA Closed Beta BeginsCommanders can now march for glory and honor across ancient battlefields

The lines have been drawn and the war horns have been sounded, which means Total War: ARENA is now ready for its Closed Beta Test (CBT) to begin. Right out of the gate, budding tacticians have three factions at their disposal: Romans, Greeks, and Barbarians, featuring ten iconic commanders from Caesar, Leonidas, and, new for the CBT—Boudica.

Commanders can get to grips with 140+ units, covering archers, spearmen, blade-wielders, siege units, and more. Boudica also brings with her an entirely new Barbarian Army Tech Tree to progress through, including fearsome Wardogs to take a bite out of the enemy. With different playstyles for each unit, faction, and commander, players have a wealth of tactical options at their disposal to master nine battlefields such as Hadrian’s Wall and Thermopylae.

“We’re all extremely excited to reach this benchmark of Closed Beta,” said Sergei Laptenok Total War: ARENA Product Director at Wargaming. “It’s thanks to the players who helped us out in the Alpha and the team’s hard work that we’ve come this far. Now, we want those Alpha players to join the CBT, so we can continue improving the game and introducing awesome content in the future.”
Machine City Escape - A room escape game you will remember is out now!

Machine City Escape - A room escape game you will remember is out now!Machine City Escape - a room escape game you will remember is out now on iOS and Android devices. First 8 levels are available free of charge!

An imminent destruction is facing the town, and you are the only one left behind...

Discover a strangely unique machine world that is trapped on a high cliff in a desolated wasteland. If you think you have what it takes to escape Machine City then go on and download this game now, it's free!


The FINAL FANTASY® XV universe continues to expand as SQUARE ENIX® today revealed an exciting collaboration with Ubisoft Entertainment’s hit Assassin’s Creed® franchise, available as a free download from the Xbox Games Store and PlayStation®Store

The immersive FINAL FANTASY XV: Assassin’s Festival in-game event will run today through January 31, 2018 as Noctis and his comrades take part in a Lestallum festival held in honor of a mythical hero who fought to resist the shackles of oppression. The limited-time event will introduce gameplay elements inspired by the Assassin’s Creed game series, including nimble and acrobatic movements in the field, vicious assassinations from elevated height, and large-scale treasure hunts. There are also exclusive outfits including the Medjay Assassin’s Robes for Noctis and his crew, and the Master Assassin’s Robes for Noctis, the latter which is only obtainable via the Dream Egg from the Moogle Chocobo Carnival. Other in-game collaboration items include the Assassin’s Creed-themed Regalia items (decal and full body decal), along with a themed photo frame and filter that can be applied to and accessorized with Prompto’s photographs.
Phoenix Labs Launches Dauntless Closed Beta Today

PC GamesNew Behemoths, Weapons, Story Content and More Coming During the Closed Beta

New Closed Beta Launch Trailer Showcases the Thrill of the Hunt

Phoenix Labs is launching Dauntless, the highly anticipated online co-op action RPG, into Closed Beta for PC today at 12:00pm PT. During this early access period, Phoenix Labs will continue to collect feedback and develop the world of Dauntless as a fun, challenging, and highly rewarding experience. The Closed Beta will build upon Dauntless’ live service, delivering regular updates that hone and expand the gameplay experience. Slayers can look forward to new content including Behemoths, weapons and armor, islands, story expansions and much more in the Closed Beta and beyond. Players interested in beginning their journey as a Slayer can purchase one of the exclusive Founder’s Packs for immediate access to the beta.

Phoenix Labs invites attendees at PAX West in Seattle, Washington to join the hunt and play the Dauntless beta from September 1-4, 2017 at their booth (#2335). Slayers who emerge victorious from battle will be granted access to the beta and earn other exclusive rewards.

A Visual Novel on Xbox One? Echoes of the Fey: The Fox’s Trail Releases September 1

A Visual Novel on Xbox One? Echoes of the Fey: The Fox’s Trail Releases September 1Woodsy Studio’s Fourth Game is Their First on Xbox One

Did Folren ir-Adech die during the war between Humans and Leshin? Or is there a darker truth behind his disappearance? Investigate the mystery through the story-driven adventure game, Echoes of the Fey: The Fox's Trail, launching Sep 1, 2017 for Xbox One (out now on Steam/PS4).

The ongoing Echoes of the Fey series follows Sofya Rykov, a private investigator in a steampunk fantasy world who must hide a dangerous secret: the cataclysm that ended the long war also granted her unstable magic powers. Each episode is a complete story which will feature a new mystery, a new magic power, and optional romantic pursuits.

The Fox's Trail begins as Sofya discovers how to turn into a cat. Like every spell that comes to her, this ability is unpredictable but useful for a detective who likes to cut corners. But The Fox's Trail is about more than magic and a reckless heroine. It explores the dangers of demonizing groups of people based on their differences, and what happens when one person defies society by changing sides. This episode is a point-and-click adventure game inspired by Japanese visual novels, including dialog trees and player choices that affect the outcome of the story. Learn more about each character by completing their side quests, and perhaps find romance along the way.

GO ON A TROPICAL ADVENTURE IN CASTAWAY COVEKongregate & Synapse Games Continue Partnership with Launch of New Mobile Game

Kongregate, a leading publisher of mobile, PC, console, and web games, today launched Castaway Cove, a tropical island-themed idle mobile game from Synapse Games. Marooned on a deserted island, Castaway Cove tasks players with collecting survivors to help find food and resources, explore the mysteries of their new island home, and build a tropical paradise.

The fifth mobile game collaboration between Kongregate & Synapse Games, Castaway Cove is the first game to delve into the idle genre, mixing traditional idle mechanics with a robust collection system where players send survivors out to explore the island, collecting food and resources to upgrade their village. Players can also compete in special limited time events to unlock rare survivors with special skills that work harder and faster than normal villagers. Eventually players will even collect enough wealth to set sail from the island and move on to bigger and better things!

CITADEL: FORGED WITH FIRE DELIVERS MORE CONTENT WITH THE DIVINE UNICORN TEMPERED IRON ARMOR IN THE WEEKLY UPDATE!Blue Isle Studios has conjured up another magical update for its wizardly world of Citadel: Forged With Fire. This massive sandbox RPG available now on Steam is complete with spellcasting, building, exploring and crafting where you control your destiny! This update includes the Divine Unicorn and Tempered Iron Armor.

Join today's livestream at 4:00pm EDT where the dev team will be showing off the new Marble Set coming in a few weeks, watch the team build a castle and show off what they've been working on!