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‘Hopstars: The World Championship’ Offers A Fast-Paced 2D Side-Scrolling Adventure Full Of Coins, Treasure, Secret Passages & Colorful Characters
‘Hopstars: The World Championship’ Offers A Fast-Paced 2D Side-Scrolling Adventure Full Of Coins, Treasure, Secret Passages & Colorful CharactersThe Classic Coin-Collecting Infinite Runner Reimagined On Mobile!

Danish indie game developer Zillo Games is proud to announce the launch of their debut title Hopstars: The World Championship just released on Android™ compatible devices with an iOS® version currently in the works. Featuring unique contenders competing in the most challenging extreme sports on the planet, it is your task to rank up points to crush the competition by mastering the infinite Hopstars track full of danger and perils.

Hopstars plays host to a cast of fun championship contenders competing for the ultimate title of champion. You must run - as fast as you can - on a mission to collect valuable coins and precious treasure while avoid getting killed - or trapped - in the treacherous environment. Jump from platform to platform and discover secret doors leading to unknown paths full of excitement and adventure. As you jump, slide, run and shoot your way through the destructible platforms you will grow in power and in strength. You can manipulate the environment by tilting your device adding a new dimension to the gameplay. Cool power-ups, talents and items provides lifesaving help as you complete quests to earn more points and gain more power. By upgrading your talents you improve your chances of success, and the challenging quests adds flavor, fun and diversity to the action. Hopstars includes hilarious contenders such as Jack Lebeck, Alicia Lebeck, Sigmund Von Launbjerg and Ruby The Robot, each offering distinct abilities and control. Siblings Jack and Alicia might be favorites among the crop, but do not underestimate the skills of Sigmund - a famous inventor and engineer – who coincidently devised the ingenious robot, Ruby…
Modern Remake of the All Time Classic “Skool Daze” - Coming Soon to Mobile & Tablet!
Modern Remake of the All Time Classic “Skool Daze” - Coming Soon to Mobile & Tablet!Alternative Software is very proud to officially announce the return later this year, of one of gaming’s all time classics “Skool Daze”, some 30 + years on from the game’s original release. Eric, his “skool” pals, teachers, and the rest of the game’s characters are very shortly set to hit both mobile or tablet screens everywhere.

“Skool Daze” has been cited by numerous gaming publications, as well as the UK’s national press, as one of the best games of all time. Indeed “The Guardian” put Skool Daze in the 30 greatest British video games ever and referred to it as “Something truly memorable and evocative”. Plus “The Telegraph” listed “Back to Skool” in their article “Best games of the 1980’s”.

Roger Hulley, Alternative Software’s Managing Director, says, “We're extremely excited about bringing Skool Daze HD to both android and iOS devices; it's certainly one of our all-time favourites, and one that retro gaming fans will be delighted to see make a return, not only for their own enjoyment, but also for the enjoyment of today’s modern gamers too. With the ever building interest in retro games, we feel the timing has never been better to remake this classic.”

Alternative’s new remake of Skool Daze stays true to the original, although with many modern twists, plus it will also incorporate the game’s famous sequel “Back to Skool” a game, that in its own right, is considered by many, to also be one of gaming’s all-time greats.
Singta launches Crossroad of Sid: Strategy Role-Playing Game
Singta launches Crossroad of Sid: Strategy Role-Playing GameSingta announced launch of Crossroad of Sid, a collectible weapons strategy role-playing game. In Crossroad of Sid, players will establish customized environments for the battles with unexpected enemies in cosmic fantasy. Featuring mysterious traveling directed by magical dice, Crossroad of Sid offers players a new dungeon battle experience with 11 characters and 256 items. Crossroad of Sid is served in Korean, English and Chinese.

Crossroad of Sid is an extension of Sid Story, a strategic card collecting game and Singta’s first game in global market. Crossroad of Sid shares the magic school background and the attractive characters but now the player’s experience is shifted from battlefield to enchanting dungeons.

“During the beta test period of Crossroad of Sid in July 2016, users gave us positive feedbacks. We look forward to hearing more feedbacks from our players including existing Sid Story players. We want to make an interactive relationship with players to make our game beloved by the players all over the world.” said Singta CEO Jason Park.
Blast off to Outer Space!
Blast off to Outer Space!upjers launches Space Bash in the United Kingdom

The renowned developer and publisher of browser games, upjers has just launched its thrilling new app player vs. player app, Space Bash!

Previously announced at the 2015 gamescom in Cologne, Space Bash is now finally blasting off and is now available in the UK Play Store (

In this action-packed blend of strategy game and tycoon game, players establish a military base on a foreign planet far away from planet Earth. Out there, resources are scarce and commodities are valuable, making battles with other players a vital component in the fight for survival.
Royal Revolt 2 receives its biggest ever game update including ninjas, tropical islands and an evil Villain!
Royal Revolt 2 receives its biggest ever game update including ninjas, tropical islands and an evil Villain!Mobile gaming publisher flaregames is pleased to announce that the biggest ever game update to its hit mobile reverse tower defense game, Royal Revolt 2 (iOS, Android, Windows) has been released!

While the game has now been live for over two and a half years, Royal Revolt 2 remains as strong as ever, with developer Keen Flare adding a slew of new game features. As revealed in a recent trailer, an evil Villain and his ninja army have appeared from a mysterious new island world, and it’s up to players to enter this realm and battle in 30 new PvE levels, with environments ranging from creaking pirate ships to lush tropical islands.

With this new content featuring within regular in-game events lasting 3 days, players can recruit ninjas for their own army, providing they win their loyalty through successful PvE battles. In addition, a special event currency, Ninja Coins, can be earned by outscoring rival players on the game’s leaderboards, giving access to greater rewards (e.g. more ninjas!) and higher event tiers (e.g. more powerful ninjas!!).3
Big City Stories, the First Free-to-Play City-Builder for PlayStation®4 Available Now!
Big City Stories, the First Free-to-Play City-Builder for PlayStation®4 Available Now!Genre-busting game takes city-building simulations to a new level.

Hellfire Games proudly announces Big City Stories™, the first free-to-play city building game for the PlayStation®4 is available now! Players in the United States now have the power to construct their own city from a bird’s-eye-view and then run through its streets with the press of a button. Big City Stories can be downloaded for free from the PlayStation®Store.

You begin Big City Stories with your election as Mayor of a newly formed city. From there you grow your city from a small town to an epic metropolis by carefully planning every aspect of your urban landscape. Construct buildings, lay roads, and balance your economy from above, then instantly drop into the city you’ve crafted. Drive through the streets with your citizens and complete missions from colorful characters that populate the city that you created. Play action-packed mini-games, show off your decorations to friends, and meet other Mayors in public spaces.
SHAKE A TAIL FEATHER! ROCKETBIRDS 2: EVOLUTION GOES ON SALE IN NORTH AMERICA AND EUROPE STARTING TODAYRatloop Asia announced today that Rocketbirds 2: Evolution, the sequel to the fan-favorite original Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken, is on sale in North America and Europe starting today on the PlayStation®4 and the PS Vita. From Wednesday, August 24 through Wednesday, September 7, European PlayStation gamers will enjoy Rocketbirds 2: Evolution at 38% off retail price and 48% off for PS Plus members. From Tuesday, August 30 through Tuesday, September 6, North American PlayStation gamers will enjoy Rocketbirds 2: Evolution at 30% off retail price and 40% off for PS Plus members.

Picking up where the cinematic adventure Hardboiled Chicken left off, Rocketbirds 2: Evolution puts players into the feathery feet of Hardboiled, the tough-as-nails, plucky chicken super-agent. The evil megalomaniacal despot Putzki, who wants nothing more than to bend the world to his wing, is still alive, and his evil plans force Hardboiled to hunt him down and eliminate him once and for all. Players will engage in nuanced side-scrolling shooter action as they face an assortment of evil penguins, space owls, and other fowl creatures while strapping on jetpacks and wielding new, powerful weapons of ‘de-clucktion.’ Adding to the game’s deep single-player story mode is a 1-4 player Rescue Mode with a unique story of its own!

Stay up to date on the latest Rocketbirds 2: Evolution updates on Twitter and Facebook.


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